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  1. offline-first notes application. The twitter thread about the app 21 October 2020
  2. svelte-input-mask input masking component for Svelte with simple API and rich customization. Playground 14 November 2019
  3. useDebounce the react hooks library includes useDebounce, useDebounceCallback, and useThrottlingCallback with rich API for debouncing and throttling 8 November 2018
  4. react-providers the React Component, which allows you to combine contexts and incapsulate models to components using HOC, is built on top of Context API 12 August 2018
  5. signal-middleware 13 May 2018
  6. masked-input set of tools to work with input 6 May 2017
  7. subscribe-event The easiest way to subscribe and unsubscribe to browser / node events 25 March 2016
  8. RProgress react ajax loader progress bar with clear API 20 February 2016
  9. ready promises/A+, ES6 Promises polyfill 1 May 2015